The Story about this Public Liability Claim

Danny was visiting his son in Australia when he had an unfortunate accident at a hardware store. Danny and his son visited the hardware store to purchase some timber. The staff members were loading timber onto their trailer top. One of the staff members without giving any warning and gestures, pushed a piece of timber onto the trailer and towards Danny’s head. To avoid being hit by timber, Danny stepped off the trailer and as he stepped down, his foot slipped, and he fell backwards with his head hitting heavily on the concrete floor. Danny suffered a head injury from the fall. The case was met with a lot of resistance from the insurance company. We fought hard for Danny, and we were able to obtain an excellent outcome without going to trial.

Danny’s son has the following to say about their experience with our firm:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I am writing this letter is to appreciate the great job done by Eliza Tan and Amy Wu in participating my father’s injury case against a hardware store.

In 2016, my father suffered from an incident caused by inappropriate and careless operation of the hardware store’s employee. After that, my lawyer friend referred us to Henry Carus and Associates for help, and they gave us a “no win no pay” solution for this case.

During three years legal course, our family did not pay any dollar for the whole legal process, by which my family avoid a lot of uncertain. Henry Carus and Associates had assigned Asian background lawyer Eliza Tan and Amy Wu on my father’s case. Their professional, enthusiasm and pay attention to detail had made a good deal with defendant’s lawyer. I am very impressed by Eliza’s patience and Amy’s communication.

I would rather to say, without effort by these two ladies my father’s lawsuit will not going so smooth.

My whole family is always appreciate Henry Carus and Associates and their best employees, and will be one hundred percent to recommend to all my friends who need legal service.

Best regards

Xiaobo Yuan

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