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Gwen is a 73-year-old retired Mother and Grandmother who lives in rural Victoria with her husband John.

In November 2017, Gwen attended hospital for back pain and difficulty walking. She sought neurological treatment to try ease her symptoms and she opted to have surgery performed. Whilst the first surgery went to plan the second did not and was seen as quiet inappropriate. This ended up being the second of 7 surgeries over 8  months for Gwen with the end result being a completely fused lower spine. Since her surgeries, Gwen has dealt with severe pain and limitations in every aspect of life. She has struggled with her restrictions and getting the right support.

Working with Gwen and her caring husband, John, we were able to successfully obtain significant compensation for her pain and suffering. While the financial gain won’t change what has happened, we are grateful that Gwen can now afford the support she needs and that she has been justifiably compensated for her significant injury.

Actual Client Testimonial.

A great thank you to Henry Carus + Assoicates injury lawyers or their help in  obtaining the financial compensation for myself in my case over the last 4 plus years.

It was a team effort by them to be able to investigate so thoroughly and achieve such a result.

All personal we spoke to and communicated with were very understanding and polite.

A very in depth investigation and interviews took place and was successful, and now we will be able to get the appropriate alterations done to our house to enable me to live my life a lot easier than i currently do.

Even though i have now obtained financial assistant i cannot regain my health and mobility that the operation has casued.

In the last 12 months of this case being investigated, i have received a lot more phone calls and correspondence by mail, which did indicate the depth of investigation that was taking place and the pressure being taken from us to receive such a rewarding result.

Casued by a surgeon taking such actions in operation to completely change my life and restrictions placed on me.

Once again a big thank you to all who helped and worked on my case.

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