The Story about this TAC Claim

Halina, aged 89, was walking on the footpath towards South Melbourne market when a car that was parked illegally in the middle of the side walk reversed onto her. The car hit Halina and she fell to the ground, the driver kept driving and completely run the back wheel over her left foot without stopping. The driver kept reversing with her under the car till the front wheel got stuck. Police and Ambulance attended the scene and Halina, who was stuck between the front and back wheel, was taken immediately to the Alfred. She had a surgery on her left ankle and due to her age recovery took much longer than usual. Till the time of the accident, Halina had been extremely independent and did her own grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and looked after her grandchildren. However, since the accident she has needed full time care with cooking, showering and walking. Henry Carus + Associates immediately got to work and assisted Halina with a Serious Injury Certificate and claim for pain and suffering.

Here is what Halina’s granddaughter has to say about their experience:

Actual Client Testimonial.

In 2020 my 89 year old grandmother was struck by a reversing vehicle who didn’t realise she was there, he knocked her onto the road and proceeded to drive over her twice. She spent two months recovering in hospital and undergoing surgery. The experience was extremely traumatic for her, she became enormously depressed as her mobility was severely impaired, she needed to undergo extensive rehabilitation and required numerous aids to assist her in normal duties. Previously she was a very independent woman who would catch public transport to do her own shopping and take walks around her area.

She was informed to lodge a claim to TAC but this was all new to us and we were unfamiliar with the process. We were recommended HCA and were able to have them take on the case during the difficult period of COVID 19. With my grandmother being a pensioner, the “No win, no fee” gave her peace of mind as she wasn’t in a state to endure more stress and hardship. In addition, we didn’t think anyone would even give my grandmother the time of day with a claim due to her age.

From the first contact, we couldn’t be happier with the service we were receiving. The process was clearly explained to us, contact via email and phone was easy (in person contact was not possible due to Covid lockdown) and they even provided us with information on what else TAC should be assisting us with. Arnie and her team were beyond amazing and were fast tracking the case due to the age of my grandmother and ensuring she still was able to have the best quality of life given the circumstances she was experiencing.

Arnie was a joy to work with, she was extremely personable, respectful, honest, emphatic and professional. She made the process simple and easy for us and always had time to answer the nonstop questions we had for her.

On the day of the settlement we meet with Henry and Arnie through zoom to go over any additional questions we had and to put my grandmothers worries and mind at ease. Henry was down to earth with excellent interpersonal skills and made us feel like we are in the best hands possible. The outcome was beyond our expectations and gave my grandmother relief knowing she will have the means to organise extra assistance in her recovery and a better quality of life.

There are no words to describe our gratitude and thanks to Henry, Arnie and all of the team at Henry Carus & Associates who were involved in this claim. We have no hesitation in recommending HCA to anyone needing a supportive team through their claim.

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