The Story about this TAC Claim

Our client Heidi was involved in a scary transport accident when she was struck from behind at high speed and pushed into the car in front of her. She managed to get her car onto the median of the highway but was then left stuck there for hours waiting for first responders and a tow truck. This combination of factors triggered Heidi’s PTSD, which she had a history of but was well under control at the time of the accident, and her life changed dramatically.

Heidi unfortunately faced what can be common challenges with mental health claims having her treatment funding ceased abruptly by the TAC and then having her serious injury application knocked back because they were not satisfied that the consequences that she faced were severe enough. This was despite the fact she had continued paying for treatment when she could, losing her job because she could not keep up with the fast pace of retail management, and facing daily struggles with panic attacks, hypervigilance, and depression. We believed in Heidi’s case from the start and stood by her and guided her through Court processes and eventually to settlement of her case.

It was a long journey and here is what Heidi had to say about her experience with our firm:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I chose Henry Carus to handle my case after I was in a car accident where the impact on me was complicated to navigate. Part of why I chose them was because of the kindness and sincerity they showed during my initial discussions with them, in comparison to other law firms. This continued for the years my case took to finalise, everyone I encountered at Henry Carus was empathic, sincere and professional. Michael and Sibilla were always there to guide me and answer any questions, giving me the knowledge I needed to be able to make informed decisions by myself. My case was traumatic to say the least, but the interactions I had with the team at Henry Carus was a bright spot amongst all of that. Any external people they engaged as a part of our case were always well selected and just as professional as HC. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others as they achieved a great outcome for me in the end and always treated me kindly throughout. Thanks Michael and thank you Sibilla!

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