The Story about this WorkCover Claim

Emergency department nurse Janean, contacted our firm after suffering serious injuries to her spine and hips during the course of her employment at the hospital.

Having suffered from ongoing pain and restrictions, and undergoing many procedures to treat her injuries, Janean’s life was impacted in every way.  Our client subsequently developed a chronic pain condition and psychological injuries, and is unable to return to work as a nurse in the emergency department.

We assisted Janean with a Common Law claim for damages and achieved an excellent out of court settlement to compensate her for the pain and suffering she has experienced.

Here is what Janean had to say about her experience with our firm.

Actual Client Testimonial.

After sustaining a workplace injury and not being able to work for many years due to the injury. I knew I needed to get legal help and that’s when I turned too Henry Carus and associates.

I was grateful for all the support over the years, especially with ongoing chronic pain, surgery and treatments. But thanks to my lawyer Anita and her empathetic understanding and insight into my life, it made my case easier to deal with. Reliving a traumatic event in your life that changed ever direction you had planned is heartbreaking but having the legal support over the years has definitely helped.

Thankyou Anita, Henry Carus and associates because you made my legal journey more pleasant and manageable. I really appreciate your assistance.

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