The Story about this WorkCover Claim

As an immigrant to Australia, Mr Cui was making his living through hard work, and he was full of hope for a better future for him and his young family.

On the night of his accident, Mr Cui finished his food delivery job a bit earlier than usual as it started to rain.

As he was riding his motorcycle home,  a car suddenly turned into his path and struck him. He was thrown from the motorcycle and landed heavily on the ground.

Although his injuries had made some improvement through medical treatment, he was left with permanent injuries.

His hope for a better life in Australia was shattered.

After lengthy negotiations with the TAC, we were able to obtain compensation for Mr Cui.

Actual Client Testimonial.

My name is Jinlei Cui. On 20 Nov. 2018 this tragic date, I was involved in a transport accident and suffered left leg fracture.

I was very sad. Through painstaking rehabilitation and exercise, I slowly recovered, however I was still left with some permanent pain and suffering, and I was unable to resume my normal work.

I asked my social worker at the time to claim compensation for me. She said she could not help me, but she could refer me to a lawyer.

She passed me the business card of lawyer Eliza Tan.

I contacted Eliza Tan, and she set up a conference for me.

I met with Eliza Tan and Amy Wu, who took down the accident circumstances in details. They also gave me a very thorough explanation of the compensation process, therefore I signed authority to engage HCA for my claim.

The team has arranged several specialist medical examinations to assess my injury and went through great length to solve various issues in my case.

The TAC compensation claim took over 3 years. With the help from Eliza and Amy, we eventually reached the final settlement stage.

Through a lengthy negotiation, my lawyer has achieved a very satisfying result for me.

I am so grateful to the HCA team, especially Eliza Tan and Amy Wu.

HCA law firm has achieved the compensation that I deserve. Thank you very much.

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