The Story about this Public Liability Claim

Our dear client Joan came to us following a slip and fall accident on a footpath near her home. Joan was out taking her dog for a walk. It had been raining and the footpath was wet. Joan was only a hundred metres or so from her home when walking down a slope towards an intersection when she stepped onto the metal cover of a service pit in the footpath and slipped. Joan fell awkwardly and sustained injuries to her ankle and knee.

This event had drastic consequences for Joan. Despite her hope that she would quickly recover, Joan’s injuries were far more serious than first suspected. Over time it became apparent that Joan had sustained significant ligament damage to her ankle requiring injections. She had wrenched her knee in the fall, and this had aggravated arthritis in her knee so badly that she needed to undergo a total knee replacement.  Joan had also suffered an aggravation to a lumbar spine condition. She underwent a spinal fusion. The first operation was unsuccessful, resulting in the need for a second fusion operation.  Despite assistance from her family, Joan was living alone and had to undergo multiple surgeries, undertake countless hours of rehabilitation, all the while hampered by COVID-19 lockdowns and limited access to treatment.

We were able to demonstrate that the owners of the pit cover were negligent in failing to regularly inspect pit covers and replace them when they became worn and slippery. We were able to resolve Joan’s matter at a mediation and secured significant compensation for her. Joan was delighted with the outcome and had this to share about her experience:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I am extremely grateful to Henry Carus and in particular my wonderful Solicitor and empathetic friend David Halhead. My journey started over four years ago when I had a slip/fall on a metal plate inserted in the footpath near my home and after seeking treatment at a local hospital and Physio she suggested that I see my GP who arranged MRI’s and Scans diagnosing injuries to my right ankle, right knee and spine.

In the early stages of my injuries I was in acute pain, moon boot and crutches and living alone I became very depressed and missing my husband who was in a Care Facility struggling with the last stages of Frontal Lobe Dementia. It was then a friend from my Social Group Life Activities Melbourne suggested I call Henry Carus Lawyers and from there I had my first appointment with David Halhead.

David and his supportive staff were with me every step of the way guiding me through not only the legal maze but arranging appointments with Specialists and just listening. My Husband passed away two months prior to our first Covid lockdown but during the long dark journey of four surgeries, acute pain and emotional distress and weeks of Rehabilitation I received so much kindness, support and encouragement from David and his Staff for which I will be forever thankful.

My claim progressed through two Mediations and late last year finally resulted in Settlement out of Court. This was a huge relief and although I will never be completely healed I am regaining my confidence starting to get back into Life once again.

Finally again THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Joan Johns

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