The Story about this TAC Claim

In 2008, our client Joel was rear-ended by a drunk driver who was speeding at a rate of more than 100km per hour over the limit. Joel sustained multiple injuries, both physical and mental. Over time, these injuries worsened, and he sought our advices as to the likelihood of a successful common law claim. Despite the passage of time between the accident and the claim, our team was effective in fostering a settlement between our client and the TAC that attempts to, in monetary terms, rectify the experience Joel has suffered.

Joel has expressed his appreciation in these words:

Actual Client Testimonial.

Just before I engaged Henry Carus and Associates I was in a dark place with high pain levels completely unaware of what any of my entitlements were after a horrific car accident several years ago.

I found HCA to be transparent, compassionate, genuine, understanding and willing to take on what was described to me as a complex case. Furthermore throughout the process I was treated like a human being and not a number. Henry himself would step in at times for important aspects of the process. Thank you Henry!

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