The Story about this WorkCover Claim

Laura sought our advice after suffering a nasty neck and shoulder injury at work. As a result of her injury she will not be able to return to work in her chosen profession, working as an early childhood educator. To Laura’s credit and after considerable treatment and rehabilitation she is now investigating some re training for a new profession that will accommodate her permanent restrictions.

We were able to assist Laura pursue a Common Law claim for damages and negotiate a great settlement without having to go to court.

Here is what Laura had to say about her experience:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I am extremely grateful to the team at Henry Carus and associates, in particular to the wonderful Anita Valiontis, for her kind and caring nature and the deep reverence she gave my case.

Thank you for your expertise and excellent service resulting in the best outcome for me, as I navigated through a very challenging and difficult time after sustaining an injury whilst at work.

I would highly recommend this firm for the professionalism and the above and beyond service it provides. I am just so grateful for all the support.

Laura P

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