The Story about this TAC Claim

Mrs Vexler was crossing a side street on her way to a chemist after some shopping. In doing so a truck started reversing at a relatively fast speed which caught Mrs Vexler’s attention and she quickly stepped away from the truck to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, she stepped on an even surface and sustained a nasty ankle injury.

Our office quickly attended the accident site and sought the TAC make its own investigations to determine whether this accident was a direct result of the driving of a motor vehicle. After conducting investigations the TAC agreed with our initial thought pattern and accepted Mrs Vexler’s claim for compensation under the Transport Accident Act 1986. This was good news as it allowed Mrs Vexler immediate assistance and treatment without the financial burden.

She was also later granted a serious injury certificate which allowed her permission to seek compensation for her injuries.

We were able to set up a  conference with the TAC at an early stage and explain how the driver of the truck was negligent and why the TAC ought to pay a fair amount of money for pain and suffering compensation.

The submissions we made were accepted and Mrs Vexler was awarded a generous amount of compensation for her pain and suffering.

Actual Client Testimonial.

We asked Henry Carus + Associates for help. And we not only got help with our issue and highly successful outcome. We also received compassion , kindness and professional advice on every step.

I would highly recommend these beautiful people to anyone who needs help in law matters.

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