The Story about this TAC Claim

In 2019, our motorcycle enthusiast client, Mark, was returning home on his motorbike when he was involved in an unfortunate accident that ejected him from the vehicle. Mark had attempted to cross into a right lane to make a u-turn, however the lane was not in use and was separated by barriers that were difficult to see at night. Mark suffered numerous injuries necessitating a long period of hospitalisation. Sadly, Mark was left with permanent disfigurement and pain in his right leg.

Our firm was successful in achieving a settlement for Mark, for a second time! The firm represented Mark in a previous accident in 2000 and his experience with our team then made him look no further when the 2019 accident occurred. Here is what Mark has to say about his time with us:

Actual Client Testimonial.

Sometimes life can throw you an unexpected curve ball.

In the Year 2000 while riding my motorcycle I collided with a car that did not give way badly injuring & hospitalizing me for 3 months & many months of rehabilitation.

On the recommendation of a friend & on hearing of his past experience, I enlisted the services of Henry Carus.

His expertise & thoroughness soon became evident & ended in a successful result for which I was very grateful in what was a trying time.

Fast forward to 2019 & I was unfortunately involved in another motorcycle accident hospitalizing me again.

Without hesitation I contacted Henry Carus & he agreed to take on my case once more.

As with my first experience, Henry & his team went to work immediately enlisting highly qualified professionals to investigate the accident & compile my case.

Suffice to say they achieved a positive result for me again.

I could not recommend Henry Carus & Associates enough to anyone in need of legal representation.

I am forever indebted to Henry & his team for helping me move forward with my life.

Yours Sincerely
Mark Connor

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