The Story about this Public Liability Claim

Mary came to see us after suffering an injury at the residential aged care facility where she resides.

She slipped and fell on a puddle of water in the carpark, suffering a significant injury to her right knee, requiring an operation.

Mary was previously very fit and active for her age, and her quality of life greatly suffered after the fall.

Our investigations revealed that there had been an issue of water on the floor of the carpark before, and nothing had been done to fix the issue We were pleased to have obtained compensation for Mary and this is what her daughter had to say about our services:

Actual Client Testimonial.

Ryan, you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with on this case and your support to my mother has been unwavering. This has been a very difficult, painful and emotional process for her being in her 80’s and her injury has greatly impacted on her life. Also having to deal with the COVID lockdowns and subsequent delays over the last 2 years added considerable angst and frustration to this claim. Despite all the challenges, your kindness and patience in constantly explaining the claim details to mum made the whole experience much easier for her and I know she has become very fond of you.

On the day of mediation, whilst mum and I were somewhat nervous as this was a first such experience for us, Henry, Patrick and yourself were totally impressive and made us feel very much at ease. It was interesting to witness how the process actually unfolds and have some insight into the negotiation skills and strategy required by you all to achieve a positive outcome.

Ryan from my perspective I would also like to personally thank you, Agita and all the team. I have always found you and your team to be extremely professional, friendly and helpful as we worked through this long process. I would certainly highly recommend Henry Carus & Associates to anyone who was contemplating making a claim, as I know they would be in very good hands.

Please pass on my sincere thanks to all.

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