Matthew Cossens and Henry Carus + Associates

The Story about this TAC Claim

Matt was injured while riding his bicycle, and a car failed to give way. Matt did not consult lawyers immediately but received treatment and tried to get back to his pre-injury life, in particular his many sporting activities.

After years of rehab and setbacks he realised his injuries were serious and he had to give up some of the activities he loved.

Matt came to us 5 years after his accident and asked if we could assist. We had to move quickly to protect his claim and to collect the evidence to prove that despite his best efforts and this attempts to return to his pre accident life, his injuries were debilitating and he deserved compensation. This is what Matt had to say about his experience:

Actual Client Testimonial

I highly recommend Henry Carus and Associates and would like to thank them and share my gratitude for their hard work, dedication and diligence in my case. I researched some options online before coming across Henry Carus on a Saturday morning and leaving an enquiry on their website. They promptly called me back that day and scheduled a meeting to meet with Jessica on Monday morning to go over the details of my case. At that meeting, Jessica got a great understanding of the facts of the case, took the time to understand me and I got the feeling that my injury and the impact it had on my life was important to them. She was upfront about the legal process and steps, what was required and clearly outlined how the fee structure worked (which was a concern in my mind) and what it meant to be no win, no fee. Outside of this though and more importantly she showed empathy towards my situation and built a sense of trust. I had a good feeling that being a specialist firm that they would do all they could to not just get an outcome but get the best outcome for my unique situation. Throughout the process the team at Henry Carus kept me informed, through Jessica, Joshua, Darren and others and where very clear in their instructions guiding me through the process of completing necessary forms, attending medical appointments etc. This made the process simple and easy. In the lead up to the TAC settlement the team again took the time to review my case, asked additional questions and took the time to deeply understand the impact the injury had on my life, family and ability to both function and train as an athlete so they could explain this to TAC. On the day of the settlement Henry contacted me to go through this in further detail and I feel he really understood me as a person, and I felt I was in the best hands possible. I believe this personal touch (along with his experience) led to him being able to present my case strongly to the TAC and was one of the key factors in achieving an excellent outcome. The outcome was beyond my expectations and even though I would trade it all to have my shoulder back to 100% it was great to know that there are people out there willing to chase after what you deserve. Outside of this Henry Carus has gone above and beyond and connected me up to his network of professionals to assist with ongoing rehabilitation of my shoulder and show a level of care after the case was closed. Thanks again to Henry, Jessica and the entire team at Henry Carus! Regards,

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