The Story about this TAC Claim

Michael’s transport accident occurred just after midnight when he went outside to check where some fireworks were being let off in his neighbourhood. He was crossing the road to investigate when suddenly, he heard a loud car engine and screeching tyres. Michael was struck to the ground by a motor vehicle, which then fled the scene. Michael suffered serious injuries which required multiple surgeries to his leg. Prior to his injuries, Michael enjoyed his high-profile occupation as an Auctioneer. Unfortunately, his employer could not accommodate Michael with ongoing employment as a result of the injuries he suffered in the transport accident. Michael’s world had been turned upside down, but he got up the courage to seek legal help and entrusted us to act on his behalf.

We listened carefully to Michael and knew that we needed to fight the wrong to reinstate the benefits he deserved for the losses he suffered. We were able to successfully obtain a settlement for Michael not only for his serious injuries and the impact the injuries have had on his life, but also for his economic loss of losing his livelihood.

Michael was more than pleased with the outcome of his settlement and our hard work, and wrote these kind words:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I spoke with HCA after a road incident where I had been injured by a motorist as a pedestrian. I initially chose HCA because of the profile of Henry himself and his history of work within the industry and also the size of his practice. I felt I stood a better chance of being heard in a business the size of Henry’s rather than a larger corporation, but still being large enough to have the resources to do the job. Knowing little about the process of seeking compensation, I felt I should explore any rights I may have, given the impact the whole experience had, had on me and my family.

Ciltra at HCA looked after me very well. She along with her assistant Sakina were both very communicative with me. Ciltra showed compassion along with good advice and recommendations. I had a great result that was consistent with what I was advised and in the timeframe I was advised. The entire staff from those answering phones through to Henry himself were always diligent and patient.

I would highly recommend you contact Henry Carus & Associates for advice.

Michael Gill

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