The Story about this WorkCover Claim

In 2017, self-employed business owner Pedro was performing a job in Collingwood where, due to no fault of his own, he was trapped in the building. In order to exit our client was required to lift a defective roller door. In the process of doing so, he ruptured his left bicep.

Due to these injuries, Pedro’s usual day-to-day activity came to a halt. He was forced to give up his cleaning business and hobbies including his amateur bodybuilding efforts. Unfortunately, Pedro has not been to a gym since the date of his injury.

This was a complex matter which involved many parties including the landlord, agent, and a sub-tenant as Defendants. Having initially sought advice from another law firm, Pedro was dissatisfied with the level of service and attention that they were paying to his matter.

Fortunately, Pedro changed firms to Henry Carus and Associates.

He has kindly provided the below feedback in regard to our services:

Actual Client Testimonial.

Henry Carus & Associates are by far a firm with knowledge and understanding of Injury claims.

My experience with Henry Carus is been a very different outcome to my claim after 3 years of getting no where with the previous Law firm. Darren listened and understood the nature of my case as was a little complicated however he persisted on getting an outcome that would be what i deserved after a serious injury and years of trying to make people understand my case.

I highly recommend Henry Carus & Associates if you want peace of mind and a well-deserved outcome with a firm that listens to their customers and they act on your best interest and what matters.

Regards Pedro Martaan

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