The Story about this TAC Claim

Our client Ricky was injured in a transport accident in NSW in 2017. He was working as a truck driver at the time. There was an oncoming car and the driver fell asleep and hit his truck head-on. As Ricky recalls, “it blew the truck to pieces”.

Rickey hit his head hard inside the cabin which slid and caught fire. He got out of the cabin by smashing through the windscreen after getting out of his seatbelt. Within one minute, the trucks cabin was engulfed by flames. Our client suffered a severe back injury and ongoing psychiatric consequences.

This was a hard-fought claim where we were required to navigate the NSW jurisdiction. Ricky was thrilled with the result and is pleased to put this difficult chapter behind hm.

Ricky shared these kind words about his experience with our team:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I would like to thank Alex McCulloch and the team at Henry Carus for an excellent result to my compensation claim.

I highly recommend this firm to anyone who is injured and is seeking assistance.

Great work guys- thank you very much!

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