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Rodney suffered from a serious neck injury and psychological sequelae at work and had to undergo a three-level spinal fusion operation.

Being unaware of his rights, he did not submit a workers compensation claim at the time. 

Rodney sought our legal advice three years after his surgery, and we assisted him submit a workers compensation claim and a serious injury application.

Despite his work cover claim not being accepted, we were able to successfully negotiate a Common Law settlement for his Pain and Suffering, without having to go to court.

Here is what he had to say about our service:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I would like to thank Henry Carus and Associates for spending time with me. And assessing the pain and suffering, i had been going through with my employer.

As a result of work place abuse and the bad work place practices, i was having neck pain and stress work pressure.

I had to have neck surgery as a result of serious neck pain. I was unable to continue my work duties, and resigned from my work position.

I would like to thank my lawyer Anita Valiontis and senior legal assistant Ella Gutkin for their professional legal advice, and understanding of my predicament, with my work cover claim.

Anita was able to secure a satisfactory out of court agreement with work cover.

Thank you so much Anita and Ella for your professional help.


Rodney Carr

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