The Story about this TAC Claim

Our client Roman was rear-ended be another vehicle whilst driving a small bakery delivery truck in the course of his employment. The car that hit him was “totalled”, though Roman’s truck was not badly damaged, and he continued with his deliveries later that day. A couple of hours later, Roman noticed pain in his neck, which he thought was a muscle strain that would heal with rest.

Unfortunately, Roman’s pain only got worse, and he was unable to continue working, relying on heavy doses of opioid analgesics to deal with his pain. Roman was no longer able to do any of the things he previously enjoyed and his life came to a halt. The TAC did not think Roman’s pain and suffering was serious enough for him to claim common law compensation for his injuries.

We disagreed and worked hard to obtain the evidence that we needed to show the injuries Roman had suffered and how those injuries had and would continue to impact on Roman’s quality of life. Ultimately, we were successful and the TAC granted Roman a Serious Injury Certificate prior to hearing so that he could claim the compensation that he deserved.

Here is what our client had to say:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I’d really like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team whom worked on my case. It’s an incredible result and a testament to the skill, care and attention and overall exceptional competence of your team.

Ryan you already know how proud I am of you. You led the strategy mate. Your gut said they would issue the ticket. You were right! Great work mate both recently and also all the behind the scenes work that you must have done to be so well prepared.

And to Henry. You are an exceptional leader and I experienced the power of your calming voice through your office. It has been a privilege to witness your team and associates practice their craft. I aspire to lead a team as effectively in my future. Thank you sincerely!

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