The Story about this WorkCover Claim

For many years RR worked as an Education Support Officer at a school – organising events, catering and providing First Aid to students and staff.

In 2015, RR suffered a nasty fall down a staircase when the heel of her shoe was caught in the steel grate at the top of the stairs. RR was found to have suffered a Serious Injury to her leg and back. We were able to assist RR with her claim and happily settled it without needing to go to court.

Here is what RR had to say about her experience with our team:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I suffered a workplace fall in 2015. Left with chronic pain in back and right leg I lodged a case with Henry Carus + Associates. Felt very comfortable after my first appointment with Henry.

My life changed on a daily basis, unable to work and enjoy the social activities and hobbies I once did.

The compensation process took seven years. Many times I wondered if it was worthwhile struggling with sever depression, isolation, sleep deprivation, numbness / pins & needles in right foot & other personal issues including attending many doctor and specialist appointments.

Have had many procedures on my back, albeit gave me temporary relief with pain as it is multifactorial. There is no cure.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jessica & George for their support, guidance and professionalism.

Settlement has been finalised and happy that I can move forward with my life.

Without hesitation I recommended a friend to Henry Carus with a common law claim.

Henry and his team are honest and dedicated. Very committed for a good outcome.



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