The Story about this WorkCover Claim

Our client came to us in November of 2021 after suffering an injury at her place of work. Ms Lee was employed in a customer service position at the local grocery store. However, due to the qualified butcher having finished for the day, our client was pressured into a situation to perform a butcher’s task for a customer despite our client having not received education or training in this profession. This sadly resulted in our client suffering a serious injury to her hand. Our team of lawyers and support staff acted diligently and ethically on our client’s behalf to secure the outcome our client truly deserved.

We were provided with this testimonial pertaining to our clients experience:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I am an employee at a butcher’s shop, working as a Sales Assistant. On 23/10/2021, I unfortunately had my index and middle fingers severed by a mincer in the company. I underwent a 5-hour surgery at the hospital and stayed for two days before being discharged. Upon discharge, my employer scheduled a meeting to discuss compensation. The compensation offered was 8 weeks of pay at 25% below my normal wage, with medical expenses to be covered by myself, and required me to sign an agreement. Luckily, my boyfriend was with me at the time and found the compensation offer unreasonable, prompting us to consider our options. While we were deliberating, my employer called again, informing me that WorkSafe was handling the matter. He advised me to contact his lawyer directly. Feeling helpless, I turned to the internet for advice on how to proceed. Fortunately, I found Henry Carus + Associates. After explaining my situation to their lawyers, they took on my case and successfully helped me obtain compensation. I am grateful for their assistance, especially to lawyers Stephen and Eliza Tan and their assistants Amy Wu, Amy Yang, and the rest of their team. Thank you all for your help.

Original testimonial in Chinese:

我是一名在肉店的员工, 职位是Sales Assistant, 我在23/10/2021 不幸被公司里的一架绞肉机切断了食指和中指, 被送到医院进行了5个小时的手术, 在医院住了两天,出院后老板约我谈赔偿, 老板提出的赔偿方案是给我8周低于我正常工资25%的赔偿, 医疗费用自付,还需要我签下同意书。 当时幸好有男朋友陪我一起,男朋友听到这个赔偿方案很不合理,让我考虑。在我们考虑中, 老板再次给我打电话说店里有客人举报有员工受伤,事件已经交给 WorkSafe 处理了, 老板叫我直接和他的律师联系。当时我很无助, 我只好在网上查询怎样处理这样的事件。我很幸运的找到了Henry Carus +Associates。在我把情况告诉了Henry Carus + Associates的律师后, 他们接受了我的case, 并由他们的律师团队成功帮助我得到了赔偿。我要感恩有他们的帮助, Stephen律师, Eliza Tan 律师, Amy Wu, Amy Yang还有其他同事们,谢谢你们的帮助。

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