The Story about this TAC Claim

Our client, Sujitta, was hit by a truck on the Westgate Bridge as she was driving home. The truck merged into her right side and after being hit, Sujitta’s car spun, and she was hit multiple times. The truck driver did not dispute the claim at the time, however, he later alleged that he was hit by another car that resulted in slamming into Sujitta’s vehicle, but he failed to provide evidence. 

By reasons of the injuries her employment was terminated. The transport accident immeasurably impacted on Sujitta emotionally and physically. As a result of her injuries, she struggles to care for her elderly parent and her own family.

Here is what Sujitta had to say about her experience with Henry Carus + Associate Lawyers.

Actual Client Testimonial.

Just want to share my experience that I had with Henry Carus. Thank you to my lawyer Ciltra Henderson and her assistant Sakina for all the support from start to the end of the TAC claim process from my car accident with the truck, Ciltra is very professional and compassionate, she always there for me when ever I need help even now when I have some questions she’s very happy to help me out.

I am so please that my case was successful with a very good settlement that I didn’t expect.

I would highly recommend Ciltra and the team from Henry Carus to anyone. Thank you very much…

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