Tania Peters and Henry Carus + Associates

The Story about this TAC Claim

Tania was travelling alone along the S. Gippsland Highway, stationary with her right indicator on, when she was hit at approximately 100 km per hour by a Nissan Patrol utility vehicle.

She cannot recall the accident but was told she was air lifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where they treated her injuries including a traumatic brain injury.

She was advised that she should learn to live with her injuries. It wasn’t until Tania spoke with another client of our firm, that she discovered she has common law rights.

We are very pleased to be able to assist Tania and get her the results she DESERVES.

Actual Client Testimonial

My initial understanding from others was I wasn’t entitled, that I couldn’t claim.

Having a friend recommend Henry Carus and then booking a first nervous meeting.

Having no clue what to expect and who to trust with all my medical information.

Throughout the whole process from start until my end result, the whole experience was informative, educational and open.

The process shorter than I expected with a great outcome from a bad personal experience.

Ciltra and her exceptionally knowledgeable team were proactive and kept me up to date at every stage of the legal process, what everything meant, explaining the “Legalese” terms.

They were empathetic, professional and found ways to communicate with me about what was going on in a way for me to comprehend and understand.

Very Easy Process.

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