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Tom came to our firm following a transport accident and subsequent fall at his home two weeks later. From the start, we knew we would have to work hard to link the initial accident, where Tom sustained minor head injuries, and then the dizzy spell that led to him falling at home and fracturing his hip and spine.

We also knew were we up against the clock as Tom, though quite fit and active, was 91 at the time of the accident. We secured helpful opinions from medical experts to establish the link we needed and then negotiated a quick and very reasonable settlement with the TAC, allowing Tom and his partner to avoid the stress of a drawn-out claim and focus instead on Tom’s health.

Here is what they had to say about their experience with the firm:

Actual Client Testimonial.

To the Staff at Henry Carus & Associates,

Thank you for our recent TAC compensation pay out.

It was reassuring that we were placed with a company that delivered what they guaranteed initially!

A big thank you to Michael Constable, Sibillia, Ben, Tania, and Chris & all who assisted with our case.


Tom Allen

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