The Story about this TAC Claim

Virginia’s son in law rang our office 2 weeks after a very tragic accident.

We immediately visited Virginia at the hospital and obtained her instructions in person.

The accident was entirely the driver’s fault. We then obtained police report which confirmed this. We were determined to get Virginia compensation that she deserves, as soon as possible.

To bring a claim for common law damages, Virginia needs to get a Serious Injury Certificate from the TAC.

With no time to waste, 2 months after the accident, we asked the TAC to consider granting a Serious Injury Certificate early, even though we had not yet received any medical materials. On our request, the TAC skipped its normal processes and timeline, and granted a Serious Injury Certificate early.

The challenge with Virginia’s claim is to get her the highest compensation possible.

With this in mind, we worked hard to present to the TAC in the fullest way, all the consequences that Virginia’s injuries have had to her life.

In less than 7 months after the accident, we resolved Virginia’s claim at statutory maximum for Pain & Suffering.

Virginia and her daughter have the following to say:

Actual Client Testimonial.

In January 2019, I was hit by a truck while crossing a pedestrian crossing. As a result of my injuries, I had a below the knee amputation. My life was never going to be the same and I had several surgeries with months of rehabilitation. I had received negative feedback about the big legal firms so it was a daunting experience to find a decent lawyer to represent me for TAC compensation. Henry Carus & Associates were recommended to my family. Henry along with Eliza Tan visited me in hospital and were the first lawyers I spoke to. Henry explained in great detail and in layman’s terms how the compensation system worked and convinced me he was definitely the one to take on my case. I didn’t bother speaking with the other lawyer that I had arranged to meet with. Henry and Eliza arranged medical assessments to strengthen my case, communicating with TAC and supporting me throughout the process.  Henry arranged with TAC to provide a ‘Serious Injury’ certificate within a couple months of my accident. Having this certificate enabled us to persue compensation sooner, rather than later. My instincts were correct with the lawyer I chose. Henry and his team worked hard to ensure I received fair compensation. He and his team were thorough, professional and displayed a compassionate and caring attitude. Seven months after my accident I was awarded the ‘statutory maximum’ allowed for pain and suffering. I cannot recommend Henry Carus & Associates highly enough. They are the people to look after you when you need someone to fight for you. Virginia Mahoney Virginia's daughter Joanne also wrote a google review :  We cannot recommend Henry and associates highly enough. Henry and Eliza were extremely open, honest and personable to work with. Their knowledge and experience in this field made the whole process very smooth. This is one firm whose actions back up their claims. My mother lost her leg following a pedestrian-truck road accident. Her recovery was long and painful with many obstacles along the way, and more to come. The compensation she received was above and beyond what we expected - we were absolutely thrilled! Now she can move on knowing that her financial future is secure. Many thanks to Henry and Eliza for your hard work and support along the way.

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