The Story about this TAC Claim

Originally from Shanghai, Yi had just arrived in Australia for a couple of months to settle down. He had secured a well-paying job, he was about to get married, and he was excited about life.

His Saturday night ritual was playing board games at a friend’s house.

On the night of the accident, he had left his friend’s house, and was walking towards the tram stop.

He was hit by a car and had a severe leg fracture which required 2 operations.

We were able to get him compensation for his pain and suffering as well as loss of earnings compensation, without going to a trial.

We are very pleased for Yi and we look forward to seeing him when he is back in Australia.

Yi says the following:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I am very grateful to my lawyer Eliza Tan and her assistant Amy Wu for their help.

To deal with a traumatic car accident and two following operations was indeed very difficult for me, who had just arrived in Australia for 3 months as a new immigrant.

Especially due to the impact of covid-19 later, all subsequent work and communication need to be done through video.

Without the help of two lawyers, it’s hard to imagine how I could go through with this case to the end.

In particular I really appreciate that Eliza Tan went through the trouble to postpone the first TAC meeting and arrange a brain specialist for me, so I was able to receive a more reasonable compensation amount for all my injuries.

The accident occurred in 2018 and my claim finalized in 2021. I wish to say thank you to Henry Carus for all their help for the last three years.

Your help means so much to me!

Thank you Henry Carus! ! !

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