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Zhong Jie Lin came to us after a serious workplace accident which resulted in both physical and mental pain and injury. Frustrated and confused by the Victorian WorkCover process, a distressed Mr Jie Lin sought our assistance in navigating the often daunting and difficult experience that can ensue after a wrongful workplace accident.

We were pleased to be able to explain the process to Mr Jie Lin in his own language of Mandarin and guide him through the course of his claim, ultimately achieving a great outcome for him and his future.

Here is what Zhong Jie Lin shared with us about his experience:

Actual Client Testimonial.

尊敬的Henr Carys+Associates Injury Lawyers



Case Manager 和IME医生互柚串通,没收你的手机,然后进入了“小黑屋”,随后出来的是充满谎言的报告。



非常幸运的是,我遇见了Jessica King,因为她的专业能力、谈判技巧,让我有了一个颇丰的索赔结果。

谢谢您,Jessica King.您的努力让我找到了新的方向,又可以微笑了。

感谢您!Jessica 张,与您的沟通是轻松的和易于理解的。非常感谢您的知识分享。

现在法律之旅终于结束了,我们一起经历了这个艰苦的workcove索赔。感谢Henry Carus+Associates 的帮助。


再次感谢您们伟大的团队Henry Carus+Associates.

Zhong Jie Lin



Translated in English:

Dear Henry Carus+Associates Injury Lawyers

Thank you so much for leading me to a successful settlement and providing professional guidance in my claim.

I came to Australia in 1998 because I craved freedom, self-sufficiency, and independence. I now miss my job dearly as it brought so much joy into my life.

In 2018, I fell due to lack of safety precautions in my workplace. Since then, I fell into absolute darkness; mental pain and physical torment ensued.

I applied for Workcover, and they approved, but they constantly pressured me to return to work. With the stop in payments, my physio treatment was interrupted and my GP also threatened not to see me. During this time, I was bombarded with frequent calls from the clinic chasing up payment.

In medical exams, the Case Manager would collude with IME doctors. They would confiscate my phone, and prompt me to enter a “an isolated dark room”, only to then produce a report full of lies.

I really could not tell if I was visiting a doctor or a monster.

All in all, it’s been a long bumpy ride.

Very fortunately, I met Jessica King, and with her professional legal abilities and negotiation skills, I arrived at a very satisfactory result.

Thank you, Jessica King. Your efforts have led me to find new directions in life and smile again.

Thank you! Jessica Zhang, communication with you was easy and understandable. Thanks a lot for your knowledge sharing.

My legal journey is finally over, we have gone through this grueling Workcover claim together.

Thanks to Henry Carus+Associates for your help.

Next, I can focus on my continual battle with myself, my body and my health.

Thank you again to the  great team at Henry Carus+Associates.


Zhong Jie Lin


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