Car accidents

When it comes to claims involving cars, many times the accident will not fall immediately into the TAC no-fault benefit world. And yet there is still common law compensation to be had from the TAC or others for those injured when the injury occurs:

  • By the use of a motor vehicle, as opposed to the driving of a motor vehicle.
  • In a motor vehicle accident of any type in the scope of their work duties.
  • In a motor vehicle accident where the fault lies in the way the road has been constructed or maintained.
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The above scenarios are all complicated aspects of the law and require a deep understanding of the interplay between the TAC legislation and Public Liability law concepts and the WorkCover legislation.

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Our team’s experience and the ability of our small firm to be across the intricacies of all the areas of the law involved, means our practitioners are well placed to get our clients the results they are looking for. This is in contrast to other larger, less personally oriented law firms, where a client is likely to be transferred from one practice group to another just to manage the complicated matters and without a complete understanding of all the legislation involved and, more importantly, a close relationship with the client.

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