What Medical Expenses Does TAC Cover?

TAC Medical and Like Services Benefits | Henry Carus and Associates

Of all of the financial burdens in the wake of a transport accident, the cost of medical care tends to make up a significant portion of the expenses faced by those injured. Although the Transport […]

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How Does Distracted Driving Affect Others?

Biggest Dangers of Distracted Driving | Henry Carus and Associates

Mobile phones have a number of benefits, but the technology does not belong behind the wheel. Although operating a mobile while driving is illegal in Victoria (unless it’s a hands-free device), one-third of drivers still […]

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Types of Transport Accidents

Kinds of Accidents Covered by TAC | Henry Carus and Associates

A variety of motor vehicles are on the roads of Victoria every day. When combined with a high volume of pedestrians and cyclists, the likelihood of a collision is high. If you have been injured […]

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Passengers in Danger from Vehicles Passing Trams

Vehicles Pose Danger to Tram Passengers | Henry Carus and Associates

The Herald Sun reports that, in the last two months, nearly 600 passengers exiting trams in Melbourne have come close to being struck by vehicles. Although the majority of these incidents are near-misses, seven people […]

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