Passengers in Danger from Vehicles Passing Trams

Vehicles Pose Danger to Tram Passengers | Henry Carus and Associates

The Herald Sun reports that, in the last two months, nearly 600 passengers exiting trams in Melbourne have come close to being struck by vehicles. Although the majority of these incidents are near-misses, seven people […]

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What Are the Effects of Whiplash?

What Are Symptoms of Whiplash? | Henry Carus and Associates

Damage to soft tissue is among the most common type of injuries in motor vehicle accidents. One of the most vulnerable areas of the body in any collision is the neck. The extreme forces generated […]

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Do I Have a Pedestrian Accident Claim?

Your Rights as an Injured Pedestrian | Henry Carus and Associates

Pedestrians have the same right to TAC accident compensation as those injured in other types of transport accidents. Compensation through the Transportation Accident Commission is also available to the family members of individuals killed in […]

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Who Is At Fault for a Right Turn Accident?

Liability for Right-Turn Accidents

When a collision occurs between a vehicle travelling straight and a vehicle turning right, liability for the accident may seem straightforward. The driver turning right is always at fault, right? Although in many cases the […]

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