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Residents of Victoria Aren’t Collecting the Benefits Available to Them After an Accident

The Victorian Government Benefit and Claims Schemes

The Victorian government here is doing a really good job of promoting accident prevention tips, while not communicating the availability and extent of benefits available once you are injured in a car accident or a work-related accident. This focus is helping the respective government agency save money. While they’re saving money, many residents all throughout Victoria aren’t getting the compensation or benefits they deserve to help restore their lives after an accident because they have no idea what’s available to them. The good news is that our firm can help you understand fully what benefits are available to you after an accident.

Burden Placed Elsewhere

Victims of accidents don’t often live their normal lives after an accident. Even doing the most basic things, like walking your dog or taking a shower, can become really difficult. Life becomes harder because your normal life is not so normal anymore. What’s even more devastating is that friends and family end up carrying the burden because of the lack of information made available to the accident victim. This makes life harder for everyone close to the accident victim, when it doesn’t have to be.

Now, if the accident victim were informed and received the benefits available that are outlined in the government’s legislation, it can help with the recovery. The burdens of the accident can be taken over by paid professionals, or even by equipment that can help the accident victim make a full recovery without the full dedicated help of loved ones.

Benefits Available to Accident Victims

Over the years, the common law has changed in Victoria, and now there is a wide variety of benefits available to accident victims as no fault benefits under the relevant legislation. The benefits can almost cover everything in your life that changed because of the accident.

Common benefits include payment for:

  • Medical Bills
  • Medications
  • Medical Equipment
  • Personal Assistance
  • Travel Expenses
  • Home Modifications
  • Car Modifications
  • Home and Garden Maintenance
  • Other Related Items

Are There Differences Between WorkCover and TAC Benefits?

The same state government created both systems, so naturally they’re similar. There is however one key difference between the two – and that is just for how long the benefits are available. With WorkCover, entitlement to the benefits is generally tied to how long you receive income benefits or receive lump sum compensation for loss of ability to earn With TAC, entitlement is essentially available for the remainder of your life.

The Importance of Claiming Benefits After an Accident

Trying to recover financially from an accident on your own is really quite expensive. You don’t deserve your life to be made even harder for you so a government organization can save more money. If you don’t claim the benefits that are available, it can significantly increase your debt or increase your pain, especially if you ignore getting the professional medical help that’s available to you. If you do have the money, you shouldn’t be covering a cost that you should not be yours to pay. After an accident, you are in physical and emotional pain. Financial pain should not be added to it.

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Really Help

The legislation involved with TAC claims and WorkCover claims are very complicated, and if a person doesn’t have experience with WorkCover or TAC claims, they’ll struggle to find or understand important information about their entitlements. This is said even though both the government agencies that are responsible for the administration of the legislation have massive amounts of information on their websites. This online presence still creates a significant hurdle for many as the way the information is presented can be difficult, and in our experience may not accurately reflect what the law actually requires.

One can say that layers and layers of information can be a considerable barrier for many to sort out what they should ask for and what they receive. These barriers prevent many from accessing the benefits they deserve which only creates a benefit to the government agency, as it saves on their costs to administer the legislation.

We would say the benefit of an experienced personal injury lawyer is so valuable to ensure that you get all the benefits an injured person deserves. Our firm works on a no win, no fee basis. If you don’t get recover any compensation, you don’t have to worry about paying out anything. This eliminates risk and increases your odds of getting compensation.