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unregistered vehicles in Victoria

Victorian Registered Vehicles and the TAC

Accidents involving vehicles happen every day and can cause serious injury.

If you are injured in a transport accident in Victoria you may be entitled to make a claim with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC). Once the claim is accepted you can then start to receive no-fault benefits such as the payment of medical treatment and the payment of income if you cannot work due to your injuries.

Why are you entitled to these benefits?

The TAC is a government owned insurer that collects an insurance premium from vehicles registered in Victoria. It is automatically paid when the vehicle is registered.

In return for these insurance premiums the TAC provides a number of benefits.

Are you entitled to TAC benefits if a vehicle is not registered at the time of the Accident?

What if the vehicle involved in the accident was not registered?

Am I still entitled to the same benefits?

If the accident involves a vehicle registered in Victoria accessing benefits is quite straight forward. The legislation clearly provides for the payment of no-fault benefits for persons injured in accidents involving Victorian registered vehicles. But once you are involved in an accident where the vehicle is not registered you enter the world of complicated legislation.

Although the legislation is complicated we at Henry Carus + Associates have had great success obtaining access to these benefits for our clients.

Success Stories

We have been successful because what most people do not realise is that the legislation provides coverage for vehicles registered at one time, not just vehicles registered at the time of the accident!

So, we have assisted:-

1. A farmer access benefits for an accident on his farm when driving an unregistered tractor. Why? Because it had been registered at one time; and

2. A young unlicensed girl, driving a unregistered ‘paddock bomb’ on a friend’s property. Why? Because the ‘paddock bomb’ at some point in time had been registered.

Many people are not able to follow the ins and outs of this one small aspect of the legislation and specialist knowledge is needed, we would say from day 1 is best.

As soon as you are injured and it involves in any way a motor vehicle consider how our firm can allow you to access the benefits you deserve from the outset.