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What Can The TAC Cover After an Injury Claim, These Might Surprise You

Road accidents come with all varieties of pains and damages that leave Victorians with less financially, making life even more challenging than it typically is. The TAC plays a vital role in
restoring the financial health of a road accident victim, that’s if the road accident victim communicates correctly with their TAC lawyer and the TAC. Knowing what items the TAC will cover and how they will cover it will help road accident victims in their communication with both parties. Not all of the items the TAC claims they can potentially cover are your ordinary items. Here’s a list:
*These items are not promised to all road accident victims. Communicate with your TAC lawyer to see what’s available for your injuries.

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If the costs are reasonable there’s a possibility that the TAC can cover the expenses of acupuncture services. The TAC defines acupuncture as a licensed service which inserts fine sterile needles into the skin at specific points of the body or dry needle techniques to treat response points in muscles.

Overseas attendant care

If an injured road accident victim receives attendant care from an authorised professional at a rate which Victorian doctors would cover the care there’s a possibility the TAC can cover the accident. There’s an entire policy dedicated to this on the TAC’s website. Before you consider receiving care outside of Australia please consult with your TAC lawyer.


If your injuries from your accident harmed your hearing the TAC will cover the audiologist visits if at a reasonable cost. They will not cover the expense if the hearing loss is not connected with the road accident.

Breast implant replacement surgery

Any injury is possibly with road accidents in Victoria and damage or leakage to breast implants will occasionally happen from an accident. If proven to be a direct result from the road the TAC can cover the cost of the replacement surgery for the implants.

Blood alcohol content reading

Occasionally people involved in accidents would like a blood alcohol test to be performed to prove to their insurance company or even the TAC that they weren’t driving under the influence. The TAC can possibly cover this expense if needed.


Is it more difficult to manage your children after your accident? If your injuries from your car accident make life more difficult in raising your children it’s possible the TAC will cover the childcare expense.

Community Access

If severe enough community programs can help people overcome the social and physical challenges that come with severe long term injuries. The TAC will potentially cover these expenses if the
program and your injury comply with their standards. There are some community programs that offer social and leisure activities that will enable accident victims to help cope with and overcome
the damages from their accident.

Dog Kennelling

Ever think about the dogs after their own was injured and unable to come home after an accident? The TAC has had this happen, and is willing to cover the kennelling expense for up to two dogs if the owner can’t come home and has to reside at a location outside of their home to heal. This is more frequent than it sounds because some injuries will leave owners with no family living with them in the hospitals for many days. Connect with your TAC lawyer if this is something that needs to be covered.


If recommended by a medical professional and proven that a healthy diet can help the road accident victim overcome the injury the TAC can pay for the expense of a dietician. The dietician must be a certified professional and must be approved by the TAC but this service is very possible if weightless can influence the injury to heal.