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What is the TAC and what is their role?

what does the TAC do

New to Victoria? Might possibly be visiting from another region – or possibly your new life is in Victoria. We welcome you. One organisation you should become acquainted with is the TAC because an injury on the roads are quite common and your basic understanding of the TAC can help get you compensated after an injury.

What does the acronym TAC mean?

TAC stands for Transport Accident Commission. You’ll hear TAC because it’s the short version of the name that people all around Victoria use in conversation. That we know of there’s not another organisation that uses that acronym. Very rarely will your hear an individual from Victoria call the TAC by its full name.

What is the role of the TAC?

The TAC is a government agency that was created in 1987 by the government. It has a number of different roles that are centered around protecting, and covering expenses for injuries centered around the roads of Victoria. Here’s a description of their two primary roles:

    • State insurance agency– Their primary focus is providing support for almost anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident on the roads of Victoria. Accidents can extend outside of a standard motorvehicle and they’ll cover them, even if its in a road bike accident, large truck accident, a cycling accident, or a pedestrian accident.
    • Support and education to the community– With more technology distracting drivers than ever before the TAC is working hard to educate drivers to drive distraction free on the roads. They offer commercial campaigns, and tips on how to be safe because when people are safe on the road it saves them money.

Does the TAC Operate outside of Victoria?

The TAC rarely covers vehicles outside of Victoria. Essentially the TAC is the insurance agency for drivers who have a residence in the state of Victoria. If the driver leaves Victoria and another agency outside of the state doesn’t cover the resident after a road vehicle accident the TAC can step in if the claim meets its coverage. The TAC will cover road injuries all throughout the entire state of Victoria.

Current Location of the TAC

The TAC is located just west of Port Phillip in Geelong.

Who funds the TAC?

We do. The registered drivers of Victoria. When you register your vehicle in Victoria part of your payment will cover and go directly to the TAC. This money is what goes to the salaries of the employees and all the expenses of the organisation. Essentially it is your insurance payment but it goes into a general fund for the TAC. We are as a community covering ourselves.

More questions about the TAC?

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