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WorkCover in the News Again – Immoral and Unethical

WorkCover in the News

Recent headline news is really sad for those of us who practice law in the WorkCover world. 

‘Immoral and unethical’: Ombudsman Slams WorkCover scheme and WorkSafe


For persons to be injured at work, and to have their whole lives turned upside down is hard. Then, to have their legitimate claims denied is even harder.

What the article does not have the scope to say is what happens to these injured workers. They go from being active and strong members of our working community, to being injured without any support and worst of all being told that their request for valid support from a system designed to help them will not be honoured.

They come to our firm, tell their stories, and we sit in disbelief. We have to go through the legal process of disputing the denial and hoping the matter is resolved without litigation and if not, enter the world of litigation just to get what they should have received right from the start.

They will get support eventually, but the process of doing so is demoralizing and for many it dramatically sets back their recovery to good health.

They lose faith in a system that is meant to help them, and they will never be the same.

All of this seems totally lost to the insurers who allow such practices to continue.

We had hoped for better when the last report in 2016 was released, but it seems little has changed.

Our firm will continue to act with all of our strength for these injured workers and hope they will in the future be treated with greater respect.

Step by step, let us aim for a better day…….