Renae grew up in country Victoria and relocated to Melbourne in 2010 for university.

She completed a Bachelor of Law (Honours)/ Bachelor of Arts (Distinction) at Deakin University in Melbourne. During her time at Deakin University she was a Peer Mentor in both the Faculty of Business and Law and Faculty of Arts. She received an arts degree along with Media & Communication.

She then completed a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Leo Cussen Centre for Law in 2015. After she started her 3 week placement for Leo Cussen at Henry Carus + Associates in November 2015 and was then kept on. And was admitted in February 2016. Currently she’s working specifically in Medical Negligence now and this is her main interest in the area of personal injury.

In term of other legal experience:
She volunteered at Victoria Legal Aid at the Ringwood Magistrates Court from March- July 2013.
She completed a university placement at Moonee Valley Legal Service from July-October 2013.
She volunteered at Springvale Monash Legal Service from December-May 2015 as intake/reception volunteer. Then moved on to work as a caseworker in this service from June 2015 until December 2015.

Published Articles

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