Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

chinese medicine in victoria

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches people how to stay well, how to keep their bodies, minds and spirits free to function optimally, free to move and be happy. How to quiet a chattering mind, eat well, […]

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Henry Carus & Associates 2015 Scholarship Award

We are proud to announce the 2015 Henry Carus & Associates Visionary Scholarship winner is Gabrielle Schorel-Withers who is a first year student at the University of Southern Queensland. Congratulations Gabrielle! (above: Gabrielle and her family) […]

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Music Found to Ease Pain and Anxiety of Surgery

listen to music to ease pain and anxiety of surgery

Many of us dread the thought of having to undergo surgery, and for good reason. It can be incredibly painful and the thought of the unknown can create a great deal of anxiety. Thankfully scientists […]

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