The Story about this Medical Negligence Claim

Duree was injured when she underwent spinal surgery to treat her back pain. Unfortunately, as a result of the surgery she became paraplegic. Duree is wheelchair bound and can no longer live independently. She requires significant care and moved into an aged care facility.

Duree was previously active and enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren. The injury had a great impact on her life. We were able to successfully settle Duree’s matter at mediation for the impact her injuries had on her life and her substantial medical and care needs. Duree was pleased with the outcome and wrote these kind words.

Actual Client Testimonial.

I phoned Henry Carus after seeing his ad on the TV, this was in June 2017 after I had an operation on the thoracic area of my back, unfortunately the operation caused me to become a paraplegic, as the spinal cord was cut.

My life as I knew it, had changed as much stopping me doing as many activities that I enjoyed like ballroom dancing & minding my grandchildren etc, now I had to be hoisted in and out of bed & depending on staff for all my care.

I spent 3 months in Hospital before being transferred to an aged care facility as I was unable to look after myself.

My Claim was for medical negligence & pain & suffering.

Finally Henry & your team can be highly recommended for working so hard on my behalf and helping me through a difficult period of visits so many specialists & Physio's in regards to my case.

It's been a long process since we first started, but your team has been so supportive and patient & professional, it's been a long time, but their dedication & professional & work ethics helped in my case having a successful outcome.

I have nothing but praise for Michelle & Phoebe for the work they have done & for keeping me informed at all times.

I would recommend Henry Carus & Associates for giving a great result in a difficult case and I would have no problem in recommending Henry Carus to friends & family, or using them again if I need assistance.

Duree Merkal


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