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Public Liability Claim Success Stories

Dorothy Milton

(Public Liability Claim)

Dorothy came to see us after suffering a significant closed head injury when she fell to the bottom of a set of stairs at a hotel

She was attending a women’s health event put on by her Rehab and Strength Training Gym in a conference room on the second floor

Like many older people, Dorothy is not always steady on her feet, and requires the use of a handrail when walking…

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On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Basil was enjoying a stroll with his wife and a couple of friends along the local beach walkway. It was the first nice weather in a while, and naturally a lot of people were out and about. The walkway was very crowded.

A skateboarder and a cyclist were coming from opposite directions, collided with each other and then together (along with the bike!) fell on…

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Elizabeth Cathie

(Public Liability Claim)

Elizabeth came to see us after suffering a nasty injury at the age of 78.

The accident occurred when she tripped and fell as she was walking through the entrance door of a café.

The cafe utilized bifold/sliding doors with a concrete lip and steel rail at the bottom, which created an obvious tripping hazard.

Elizabeth was attending the café with friends and it was very busy. Her attention was drawn away…

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Edward Kuklinsky

(Public Liability Claim)

Ted is a lovely elderly gentleman who was fully enjoying his life in retirement. On the day of his fall, he had just played a game of bowls at the local club and was walking to his local supermarket to buy a toothbrush. He walked into the entrance of the store and all of sudden his foot slipped on something and he fell. He realized that he had slipped…

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Shuling came to Australia on a tourist visa, to help her daughter and son-in-law to look after their child. On the day of incident, she was walking to pick up her grandchild from primary school.

As a naturally cautious person, she always watched where she was stepping, so she looked down as she stepped off a kerb. When she looked up, a Labrador had appeared out of nowhere and…

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Maryanne Window

(Public Liability Claim)

Maryanne had just left home for to go for an exercise walk after work. She was walking along the footpath when she suddenly tripped and fell forward over a cracked and uneven paver, next to a driveway cutout. Maryanne was caught completely off guard, fell forward and landed awkwardly on her left arm and hit her head. She was left with a scar on her forehead and suffered a…

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Diana Tetteroo

(Public Liability Claim)

It was a rainy day. Diana was walking into a shopping centre when she had a fall.

There was an entrance mat but it was sitting in a pool of water due to the volume of people going in with a large amount of water on their clothing, umbrellas, trolleys and prams, that is falling on the ground at the entrance.

Diana had stepped off the mat when she slipped on…

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Rosa is a lovely elderly woman who was enjoying her retirement life.

A night of family birthday celebration at a commercial premises turned into an accident, when Rosa slipped on a set of steps at the premises.

As a result of the accident, she fractured her pelvis and lumbar spine. Her condition worsened and deteriorated with pain.

We pursued Rosa’s claim against the premises on the basis that the…

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Jennifer was at a hospital to be with her ill mother, when ironically she herself had an accident.

There was a pool of water on the hospital floor that Jennifer had not seen and she took a massive fall.

Jennifer suffered from multiple injuries from the fall.

We were able to have an early settlement conference before Christmas, and we assisted Jennifer with an advance of her settlement monies to…

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Danny was visiting his son in Australia when he had an unfortunate accident at a hardware store. Danny and his son visited the hardware store to purchase some timber. The staff members were loading timber onto their trailer top. One of the staff members without giving any warning and gestures, pushed a piece of timber onto the trailer and towards Danny’s head. To avoid being hit by timber, Danny…

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Gavin came to us in 2017 after a nasty fall in the street.

He was walking along a footpath in a suburban shopping street. A store had previously been demolished leaving a vacant lot that abutted the footpath. The edge of the footpath had deteriorated over time. Although the Council repaired the area in 2015, the repair itself was poor and began to break down, so that Gavin tripped and…

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Bruce Griffiths

(Public Liability Claim)

Before his accident, Bruce was a fit and active 80 year old, who enjoyed walking and travelling to South-East Asia with his wife.

That all changed when he was shopping at his local supermarket, when he slipped and fell on a puddle of water in the fruit and vegetable area.

The supermarket staff failed to clean the spill and there were no signs warning Bruce of the hazard. Bruce suffered multiple…

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Dee came to our office after suffering serious injuries in a tram accident. Dee is a senior who, sadly, was thrown across a tram when she was trying to get to her seat. The tram driver took off, as though driving a race car and not as a means of transport for our community. We achieved for her a serious injury certificate and compensation that was generous. What Dee remembers in…

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Gloria was a working professional at a big company. She was on her maternity leave at the time of her accident.

One day, she was doing some shopping at a supermarket. After grabbing some milk and juice, she saw bags of grapes being displayed on a “Specials” table. She decided to get a bag of grapes as well. As she was approaching the “Specials” table, she slipped and fell hard…

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Jan came to our firm after an unfortunate public liability accident. She was 65 years old at the time, and was enjoying her retirement. She enjoyed playing golf, gardening, and caring for her grandchildren. On the day of her accident, she was visiting a shop with her pregnant daughter. It was Mother’s Day weekend. She was walking along a designated path heading towards the main entrance of the shop,…

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Maria sought our assistance after suffering a nasty shoulder injury when she fell in the carpark of a major Melbourne Shopping Centre.

Our Henry Carus visited her at her home and was told of how she tripped and fell over a concealed rise in the carpark as she was walking back to her car.

Mr. Carus then immediately went to the accident site and on inspection, it was clear how Maria…

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Vera came to our office distressed, not as someone who had been injured, but as someone who needed defending from a personal injury claim.

She had been sued by her godgranddaughter who suffered injury at her apartment.

On the day of the incident, Vera’s godgranddaughter visited Vera’s apartment. Her mother had brought her there, along with her brother.

The two children were playing in Vera’s courtyard, while their mother was chatting inside…

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Colleen Salvado

(Public Liability Claim)

Colleen met with us after tripping on a footpath whilst on her daily walk around her neighborhood.
A section of the concrete footpath on her street had been excavated for water works which she did not see.
Sadly we discovered that the organisations responsible for excavating the footpath failed to do anything to repair the footpath when the works were completed.
Not only that, nothing was done to cordon off the depression,…

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Arty is a lovely woman who works hard and is the main breadwinner of her family.

One night, she was attending a concert with her husband and a group of friends.

What was supposed to be a fun night out, unfortunately turned into an accident.

Arty slipped and fell at the concert. As a result, she sustained serious injury to her knee.

We formed the view that the owner of the premises and…

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Kathi was shopping at a local shopping centre.

She had parked her car in the underground car park at the centre and was walking through the car park towards the entrance to the shops.

She slipped on engine oil in one of the parking bays and fell,  landing heavily and badly injuring her shoulder.

Kathi’s case needed detailed investigations to get to the bottom…

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